Boasting a performance/lecture room, a Japanese tearoom, a Japanese traditional music room, multi-purpose rooms, and a rooftop balcony, ICJC’s facilities create a hub of Japanese cultural activities and programs. The ICJC building, referred to as the Annex, is located in the center of the Yokohama International School campus. At this location, students and faculty can walk to the building from any location in the campus core in less than ten minutes.  ICJC is easily accessible from the street via two entrances, one of which passes through the Japanese gardens and courtyard and the other entrance is located next to the YIS gymnasium. One of our key initiatives in the landscaping of ICJC has been to create ecologically sound Japanese gardens planted with local flora. Maintained by a team of volunteers, the ICJC Japanese gardens and rooftop garden are places of joy and tranquility for all ICJC visitors. We welcome volunteers year-round to join our dynamic garden volunteer team!

Performance/Lecture Room Located on the second floor of the center’s building, the recently renovated Performance/Lecture Room is used for several ICJC programs including Friday Night Lecture Series, Japanese Music Recitals, Autumn Arts Festival as well as other special programs.

Classroom Space ICJC’s state-of-the-art classroom and academic spaces include 3 large rooms used for Japanese music classes, music theory and compositions classes as well as the Evening Community School classes. Rooms are bright and airy and provide a sense of function, positive mood and harmony for all students.

Tea-Ceremony Room Overlooking the Japanese gardens, ICJC’s unconventional six tatami mat tea-ceremony room allows for a larger group to study Japanese traditional tea ceremony.  ICJC’s resident tea expert and faculty member, Britt Gershon enhances each of her classes daily with a fresh flower display for the tokonoma area (床の間).

Roof Balcony and Gardens The large roof balcony provides an amazing view of the entire Yokohama downtown and bay areas and is the perfect setting for the famous city’s summer fireworks festival. Whether in the autumn or spring time, outdoor concerts complete with barbeque receptions are possible atop the balcony. In addition, plans are currently underway to establish a rooftop garden (屋上庭園) creating ICJC‘s very own mini horticultural haven.