One of ICJC’s signature programs is the Community Outreach Project. Committed to sharing the beauty of Japanese music with a wider audience, Japanese music students at Yokohama International School perform in concerts and present workshops at senior centers, special needs schools for the blind and deaf, local Japanese schools, and area community centers. 

The main goals of ICJC’s Community Outreach Project are threefold:

・To provide life-enhancing access to new social opportunities for children, youth and adults

・To provide cross-cultural educational and musical experiences for both YIS students and collaborating community institutions

・To enrich the local community with programs that develop cultural identity and enhance cultural heritage.


List of ICJC Special Projects (partial list)

Community Concerts: Japanese Music Concerts

     ● March 7, 2015   Yokohama Landmark Tower (Yokohama, Japan)

     ● January 31, 2015   Audi Minato Mirai (Yokohama, Japan)

     ● January 27, 2015   Yokohama Bank Lobby (Yokohama, Japan)

     ● January 4, 2015   Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu (Yokohama, Japan)

     ● October 4, 2014   Durga Puga Indian Festival (Tokyo, Japan)

     ● June 21, 2014:  Japan International Cooperation Association - JICA(Yokohama, Japan)

Nursing Home and Senior Citizen Center: Japanese Music Concerts

     ● March 22, 2012: Kannai Nursing Home (Yokohama, Japan)

     ● January 7, 2014: Hildemore Sankeien(Yokohama, Japan)

Schools for the Disabled: Japanese Music Workshops

    ● February 18-22, 2013:  Yokohama Christian School for the Visually Impaired.   (Yokohama, Japan)

Area Japanese Schools: Musical Collaborations

  ● May 23, 2012:  Futaba Elementary School   (Yokohama, Japan)

Foreign Guests and Dignitaries: Japanese Music Concerts/Workshops

  ● January 16, 2013:  IDEC (Taiwan - Yokohama Friendship Association)