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“The Beauty and Splendor of Japan”



Japan’s wonderful mountain and fishing villages have had a deep impact on Mie Hama’s life for over 40 years. Each village, with its unique traditional culture and lifestyle once full of life are now increasingly left with an aging and dwindling population. However, recently, a younger group of Japanese are now revitalizing and repopulating these smaller communities throughout Japan. Following in their ancestor’s footsteps, Japanese have come to appreciate much more the sense of beauty and spirit of these villages. Looking at why traditional Japanese lifestyles are so important in modern times, Ms. Hama will discuss the beauty and unique aspects of Japanese traditional culture and the importance of carrying on these traditions for future generations.



Mie Hama has graced the world’s magazines and newspapers for over 4o years since her debut as the first Japanese actress to make a mark in a major movie, the James Bond “You Only Live Twice” film.  Ms. Hama continues a tradition of promoting Japanese cuisine, health and good living with several programs on television and radio. A major part of Ms. Hama’s time is dedicated to supporting Japan’s natural wonders and preserving the environment. This work can be seen clearly with a visit to her “Hakone-Yamaboushi”, a traditional house built from various abandoned houses located in a pristine setting on the footsteps of Mt. Fuji. For more information on various ongoing projects by Ms. Hama, please see her website at


* (Please note this lecture will be held in Japanese with English written translations.)