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RICHARD FLAVIN “The Lure of Washi ”

2015-2016 Friday Night Lecture Series: Lecture #2

About This Lecture/Exhibit
To enter the traditional world of handmade Japanese
papermaking is an unusual path to choose for anyone. Richard
Flavin began to study hand papermaking not as an aspiring
crafts person but as an artist working in the medium of
woodblock print. Several years of study led him to discover a
wide range of artistic possibilities that include collage, relief
printing, inclusions and paper casting. In this special lecture
and exhibit, Mr. Flavin will talk about his initial attraction to
hand papermaking and the decision to move to Ogawamachi in
Saitama where he could experience living and working in rural
Japan. "Hand papermaking as an industrial art in Japan,
without an injection of fresh creativity, will be difficult." However,
Flavin remains optimistic that a new generation of artists and
crafts people will keep this fantastic treasure from

Time: 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Place: Hakone - Yamaboushi
Kanagawa-ken, Ashigarashimo-gun,
Hakone-machi, Hakone 141
Fee: ¥11,000 per person all-inclusive:


Friday, November 20, 2015
8:30AM  Bus Departure from YIS
10:15AM  Special "Inside Hakone Shrine" Tour
12:00PM  French style obento Lunch
12:45PM  Washi lecture
2:15PM  Gallery Tour
2:45PM  Bus Departure
4:00PM  Arrival at YIS

To register: Email: or Phone: 045.263.8009
Limit: 25 people

About Our Speaker
Richard Flavin is a native of Boston, Massachusetts where he
graduated from the Art Institute of Boston. His main focus was
on graphic design, but he also developed a deep interest in
printmaking and Japanese art. A short visit to Japan inspired
him to pursue Japanese woodblock printmaking following with
studies at Tokyo University of Fine Arts from 1972 till 1974. The
study of wood block printmaking and the close relation with
high quality hand made paper led to his interest in the hand
papermaking process. In 1976, he and his wife moved to the
traditional hand made papermaking town of Ogawamachi,
Saitama. From 1976 until 2005, he lived as the caretaker at
Jionji Rinzai Zen temple where he established Jionji Press as a
studio and workshop for paper making, block printing and paper
related art.


See his NHK broadcast here: …

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