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Friday Night Lecture Series #4


Sengen Hiruma is Professor at the Dai-Nippon Chado Gakkai (All-Japan Tea Ceremony Society).  Branching off from the Urasenke School of tea ceremony, the Chado Gakkai was founded in the early Meiji Period. Hiruma currently holds several positions including:  full-time director of the Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City tea and flower arrangement association, tea teacher at Fujimine Gakuen Fujisawa Junior and Senior High and tea teacher at Yokohama English Garden.  In addition, he is owner of the Yuu Gallery shop – a shop specializing in tea utensils and traditional art. (

Please note this event has been cancelled

2016-2017 Friday Night Lecture Series
“Experiencing Japanese Tea Ceremony – with Kaiseki Lunch”

Lecture Registration Information and Schedule

Date: Sunday, May 14, 2017
Time: 11:30AM - 4:00PM
Location: Hiruma Tea House
Yokohama-shi, Tsurumi-ku, Shishigaya 2 Chome-1-16
(10 minute train ride from Yokohama Station)
Fee: 10,000円 per person all-inclusive
Advance registration required.
Tour Limit: 12 people
Language: Japanese with English translation
Registration: Please contact the ICJC office at 045.263.8009 or by email at  Space is limited, so please register early.


This special lecture/demonstration is an all-encompassing Japanese tea ceremony experience with both a complete meal and tea serving. Participants begin the experience outside the rustic teahouse of Sengen Hiruma in Tsurumi walking through the tea garden before they wash their hands at the tsukubai (蹲踞) and finally enter the tea room through a crawl-through doorway. Then, the taste of the season - a kaiseki (懐石料理) traditional multi-course lunch, with sake and traditional Japanese sweets followed by the tea serving. Here guests are treated as if they are in the tea of house of founder Sen no Rikyū where everyone is treated with the utmost hospitality and attention to the four principles of tea ceremony: harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.